Bubble Infusion

Similar look to a foam party but with all sized bubbles and bubble decor. Anything from small bubble pits to large xorb pits. High energy levels and tons of balls!

Candyland Infusion

With this infusion, we create a similar atmosphere to that of Katy Perry’s music video – California gurls. A colourful & fluffy visual experience with stations of all types of candy in a way that’s never before been displayed. This theme also has numerous ways of implementing crowd interaction.

Headphone Infusion

A dance floor full of people grooving with headphones on. 2 DJ’s, 2 styles of music and no loud speakers as patrons can only hear the music through their own headphones. Change the channel for each music style. Take control of your own volume. Great for venues with noise restraints.

Winter Wonderland Infusion

Turning any venue indoors or outdoors into a winter wonderland. With the use of various snow products, we can infuse various items & products that can completely transform a venue into a winter paradise.

Carnival Infusion

A daytime carnival with a country vibe including typical games you would find at the country fair. Fun foods and games to experience with loads of stuffed animals to be won.

Paint Infusion

The ultimate in high energy entertainment. A night to rule your senses as this 4d event hits you with the best in EDM hits, incredible visual effects, interactive performers, and of course, gallons of paint. Safe and fun for all ages!

Wipeout Infusion

Fun, competitive and great for all age groups. Many inflatable activities to choose from for all styles of active pleasure. Indoor and outdoor games are available of all different sizes.

Survivor Infusion

“Survivors Ready” – Try out a uniquely designed challenge or set of challenges modelled after the popular reality show ‘Survivor’. Contestants are tested by physical and mental obstacles that they must overcome to be the ultimate winner usually resulting in festival awards or product prizing determined both X Infused and each Client. And of course, we’ve added a few fun unique twists along the way as well.

Glow Infusion

The venue is completely covered with UV black lighting, glow novelties and led decor. Our interactive crew can either paint you or you can be the artist with x infused UV body paint. Get lost in the vibrant colours and the euphoric feeling of glow.

Space Infusion

Bringing the futuristic world of sound, lighting and decor to your event. Everything from space aliens to robots to shiny futuristic displays of elegance, it’ll feel like you’ve left planet earth!

Foam Infusion

An exciting high energy level of fun. Choose your foam pit and soak up the suds, bubbles, exotic lighting and fun novelties everywhere.

Beach Infusion

Either adding to an already warm environment with water activities and games, or completely creating a beach vibe with sand, grassy turf and pools.

Haunted Infusion

Not just for October 31st anymore. Get spooked any time of the year with this infusion. We design a scary maze at every venue where something exciting is around every corner.

Vegas Infusion

Take the casino and add amazing levels of show entertainment. What happens in vegas can take place in your own backyard or venue with this elegant infusion.

Graffiti Infusion

Creativity is literally written on the walls. Your venue with plastic and canvas for patrons to express their art while still keeping a protected, clean atmosphere. Include white t-shirts and UV markers to provide guests with a graffiti party keep sake!